If you have got a pass-to grocery shop on your metropolis wherein you usually save for weekly staples, you probable additionally have an associated loyalty card that cuts you in on deals and saves you money. In stores that provide these exceptional savings, such consumer loyalty applications are the simplest way to keep.

But what happens whilst you challenge out of doors the metropolis limits or hit up a brand new store at the same time as traveling and do not have an account installation at the nearby Piggly Wiggly? No one wants to be stuck paying complete fee whilst you see the tags providing a card-holder cut price. I actually have a fix for that—one I learned somewhere along the manner and feature used for years in various locales, from Florida to Wyoming. And I know I’m now not the simplest one that uses it. Learn this mystery checkout code and watch the savings tick down for your vacation essentials like paper towels, hot puppies, potato chips, and extravagant treats. Here’s how this simple but imaginitive hack works.

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How to Get Grocery Store Savings Without a Loyalty Card

If you’re a person of a sure age, you want most effective to listen the numbers “eight-6-7” to complete the line with “5-3-0-9!” and listen the long-lasting jingle ring via your brain. Well, I’m here to tell you that the hit song from the ’80s is likewise the trick to grocery keep financial savings. Tommy Tutone’s tune “867-5309/Jenny” is a cultural reference point that now serves as a handy placeholder for those who locate themselves sans loyalty card at checkout.

How to Use 867-5309 for Grocery Store Savings
When brought on to go into a loyalty card quantity on the checkout counter, sincerely enter the neighborhood location code followed by using 867-5309. You may additionally need to do a quick search to find the location code, however the relaxation must be clean sailing. I even have accomplished this with region codes 412, 307, 407, 305, 843, 602, and so on. In the limitless instances I’ve tried, I’ve only been unsuccessful as soon as. Testing this technique is probably my favorite a part of touring new markets—that and seeing what the bakeries should offer.

There are two viable reasons this wide variety appears to constantly work. Either grocery stores have programmed their systems to understand this as a ordinary code for clients who do not have their personal cards, or a few savvy buyers installation their loyalty bills with this phone variety and are racking up the rewards—giggling all the manner to the financial institution. As lengthy as I am getting the offers inside the second, it doesn’t surely matter to me.

It appears this mystery trick isn’t always virtually all that mystery, as I determined a Reddit thread committed to this very topic. The submit from KobiLou backs me up: “When I go to a grocery shop that I don’t have a loyalty card for (commonly at the same time as visiting, moving and many others.) I punch in the nearby region code followed by using 8675309…It works ninety five% of the time. Thanks Jenny!”

Many replies agree: “I can vouch for this. I paintings in a grocery save and saw this on right here before, so I tried it out and it worked! The value card even had gas rewards!” Apparently, it really works at all sorts of shops, in keeping with any other Reddit thread on the difficulty.

The phrase is not absolutely out, although. When I informed my co-employees, their jaws dropped, and absolutely everyone was surprised. I can most effective anticipate we’ll all be attempting it now—cause “Jenny [we] got your quantity.”

Finally, my disclaimer: While the usage of (region code) 867-5309 is a handy (and a laugh!) workaround to score savings with out your very own store card, it’s not fail-evidence. Hopefully, in those outlying cases, you get a type cashier who will provide you with the discounts anyway. Until then, “Jenny, don’t exchange your variety.”