I’ll be the primary to confess once I’m cooking for a potluck, I’m generally seeking out an clean recipe with as many shortcuts as possible. Hey, just because it’s only a few ingredients and takes 20 mins doesn’t suggest it gained’t taste accurate and wasn’t made with love.

Maybe I discovered it from my mother, whose get-together contributions are commonly her pierogi lasagna or Mississippi pot roast. But her potluck foods are continually the first to vanish—and no person has ever complained about the wide variety of elements after they had been stuffing their faces. In reality, whilst something tastes that excellent and only calls for multiple ingredients, it’s nearly extra amazing.

That’s why when I noticed @snackqween’s baked potato dip move viral on TikTok for yet any other yr, I knew it become my time to try it.

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The Viral Dip I’ll Be Making All Summer

TikTok creator Jen Curley has been posting approximately her 4-component dip for years. Sometimes, she makes it in the summer, occasionally at some point of soccer season, and from time to time even just for amusing at some stage in the iciness—but, to me, nothing screams heat climate days pretty like a creamy potato chip dip.

Unlike our Baked Potato Dip—that is a 5-famous person recipe in itself—Curley’s best requires bitter cream, green onion, cheese, and bacon, which makes it wonderful appealing. While she’s introduced ranch seasoning in a few videos, generally, the dip speaks for itself with simply four elements.

The dip is served bloodless with traditional potato chips—making each chunk a tiny, perfectly loaded “baked potato.”

The dip comes together in minutes once you cook the bacon to your liking, but it might be even faster if you used bacon bits as opposed to clean bacon. Either manner, it’s easy to toss collectively in a pinch—and because dip doesn’t must be quite, it transports wonderfully.

I introduced the four-component baked potato dip to a picnic with my friends, and every body raved approximately it. Will the bloodless dip replace my love for Buffalo bird dip? No, but making baked potato dip for spring and summer time and Buffalo chook dip for fall and wintry weather feels like a quite precise plan.

Get prepared to memorize this recipe so that you can proportion it with each person on the potluck.

How to Make four-Ingredient Baked Potato Dip


  1. 1 pound bacon, chopped
  2. 1 (sixteen-ounce container) bitter cream
  3. 1 cup Cheddar cheese, shredded
  4. half of bunch inexperienced onions, chopped


Cook chopped bacon consistent with bundle commands. Drain and permit cool.

Stir bitter cream, Cheddar, green onions, and bacon collectively until combined. Transfer to a bowl, garnish with cheese and inexperienced onions, and serve.