It won’t come as a surprise that American icon Jennifer Anison loves a good salad, however it is a piece surprising to find out she ate the identical salad, on a daily basis, for 10 years as the display ran.

In reality, in case you’ve ever looked at the slightly-elderly Friends cast and idea, “What’s in the water over at the Central Perk?,” we’d simply have the solution for you. As some assets have shared, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Aniston all were given collectively for lunch every afternoon at some point of the filming of the 10-season series, and every day Aniston would bring a salad for them to percentage. It wasn’t always the same specific dish, but from what we’ve heard, the simple staples blanketed: bulgur, crimson onion, cucumber, and feta.

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But here’s the most important twist of all: This salad did now not have any dressing.

No oil, no vinegar, no lemon juice — nothing. After wondering how any salad sans-dressing may be tasty enough to consume always for a decade, I determined to try it for myself. Bulgur, through the manner, isn’t the very best factor to track down, however it was a great deal tastier and fluffier than the quinoa-adjoining flavor I become anticipating.

I fast located that the main flavor boosters of this salad got here inside the shape of freshly chopped mint and parsley, even as chickpeas and bulgur provided heartiness. Feta and pistachios brought just sufficient salt so you did not omit the dressing. With simply eight substances, this salad comes together right away. I made a completely huge portion of it, and saved ingesting it fortunately each day for lunch until it ran out. Day after day, it turned into nonetheless a meal I seemed ahead to, and that does not show up too regularly.