While ingesting clean pancakes on a weekday morning sounds dreamy, it additionally seems like numerous time, effort, and dirty dishes. Good information: We found the answer with a high-quality hack for making fresh mini pancakes in a snap, all way to the ice cube tray. We’re speaking clean prep, smooth clean-up, and geared up in as plenty time as it takes to make your morning toast.

We love finding new makes use of for an ice dice tray (sushi, absolutely everyone?), but this kid-friendly hack would possibly take the top spot on our listing of first rate uses. We tried this seemingly too-correct-to-be-actual trick from KaleJunkie and couldn’t believe how well it labored. By freezing pancake batter in an ice cube tray, you could have fresh pancakes in minutes with out dirtying up a unmarried bowl or whisk.

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Sure, you can continually make a massive batch of pancakes in advance of time, freeze, and reheat later, but allow’s now not pretend that thawed-out pancakes are in any way comparable to warm, fluffy, sparkling-off-the-griddle mini pancakes.

To make ice cube tray pancakes, really pour organized pancake batter (save-offered or our favorite home made recipe) into the sections and cowl the tray before freezing. We’d pretty advocate customizing your pancake tray with something blend-ins you (or your youngsters) choose — suppose: mini chocolate chips, blueberries, chopped nuts, or rainbow sprinkles. Once frozen strong, you could switch the pancake cubes to a zipper-top bag for simpler storage. They’ll final within the freezer for as much as a month.

When you are ready to eat, just place a few, still frozen, pancake cubes onto a properly-greased skillet over medium warmness. Cover with a lid — that is a should, as you need to entice as a great deal warmth in the pan as possible to prepare dinner the frozen batter frivolously — and cook dinner for 1 to two mins according to side.

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The frozen cubes had been so thick that we to start with feared the outdoor of the batter might melt and burn earlier than the inside had the risk to thaw out. However, the batter cooked and fluffed up just as a great deal as it might have if made fresh.

Square-formed ice dice trays will work excellent for rounder, silver dollar-sized pancake bites, however square molds paintings simply quality as well. So, pull out that old ice cube tray and prep your pancake cubes on a Sunday night time for a whole week of easy, no-brainer breakfasts.