It’s a quite widely accepted fact that salty-candy meals combos are really delicious. Where might we be with out maple bacon? Or chocolate-dipped pretzels? Or even dessert-ready chocolate and peanut butter or salted caramel? But every now and then, there’s a abnormal food combo that forestalls you in your tracks. In this case, it’s setting soy sauce in your ice cream.

That’s right: People are drizzling delicious, salty, umami-crammed soy sauce throughout their candy ice cream. Honestly? I’m definitely right here for it.

TikTok influencer Claire Dinhut, higher referred to as @condimentclaire, posted a video remaining summer pronouncing that she’d put soy sauce on some thing, together with her ice cream.

Soy Sauce on Ice Cream: The Verdict

Naturally, I had to strive it for myself. I scooped a number of my preferred vanilla ice cream into a bowl (Trader Joe’s French Vanilla or bust in my household), drizzled a small quantity of soy sauce over the top, and dug in. As a soy sauce lover myself, I wasn’t totally surprised to discover that I appreciated it.

The salty, umami-rich soy sauce makes an awesome fit for candy ice cream, but it’s an excessive mixture—every bite felt love it modified subtly as I ate it, starting with distinct sweet and salty tastes earlier than melding together and softening. I became to trusty Kikkoman Japanese shoyu soy sauce because I had it available, but I’d be curious to attempt it with special soy sauces, together with a darkish Chinese soy sauce that has a thicker texture. One vital notice: begin with a small drizzle, then upload more if you like. You don’t necessarily need to deal with this topping like chocolate sauce.

I’m no longer the handiest one that liked the combination. TikTok commenter Chelsie said, “THANK YOU!! I’ve been placing soy sauce on vanilla ice cream for 15 years,” and consumer Iz.Esther said, “This feels like the logical extension of salted caramel and makes so much feel to me!”

Sweet Ways to Use Savory Soy Sauce

In addition to putting viewers directly to soy sauce and ice cream, Claire also counseled adding soy sauce to maple syrup. Viewers got here in with their personal suggestions for soy sauce on citrus or mango, blending a little soy sauce into Coca-Cola, or even extra candy and salty ice cream mixtures.

TikTok consumer Lisa said, “I very own an ice cream store and our employees will from time to time do soy sauce, chili crisp, hot honey, or balsamic. So top!” A few human beings noted that they’d strive it with miso, which ended in me sprinting to my kitchen to dole out my second serving of ice cream that day and combining in a chunk of white miso I had in the refrigerator. I’m glad to file that the miso ice cream turned into in addition pleasurable.

The subsequent time you’re seeking a sweet-and-salty ice cream deal with, strive grabbing the soy sauce before heading to the store for novelty ice cream. You might be pleasantly amazed.