We see your TikTok pancake cereal, we even see your pancake spaghetti, however we are right here to percentage a brand new breakfast crossover we will sincerely get at the back of: cereal pancakes.

Yep, ICYMI, your preferred adolescence cereals now are available pancake mixes.

That way you could enjoy the nostalgic flavors of your childhood (even Dunkaroos!) in a more grownup style: within the form of a steamy stack of fluffy pancakes crowned with rich icing and crispy bites of cereal. YUM.

This cereal-pancake tale started once I noticed a Lucky Charms pancake mix at the shelves at Target and concept, “where has this been all my life?” In truth, it turned into about time cereal and pancakes made a crossover as they each fall into the pinnacle tier of candy and starchy breakfast meals.

With a touch greater studies I came to discover that Lucky Charms is best one of the many cereals partnering with manufacturers like Betty Crocker to bring you easy-to-make pancake mixes complete of cereal-flavor. They all pass from bowl to skillet in minutes, taking best a chunk longer to prep than it takes to pour a bowl of cereal.

These kid-friendly mixes are simply-upload-water or milk, despite the fact that we opted for milk to obtain the cereal-and-milk dynamic every time viable.

So which cereals make the high-quality pancake flavors? We tried them all to find out.

The Best Cereal Pancake Mixes, Ranked

5. Cap’n Crunch’s Berrytastic Pancake Mix

Surprisingly, the sweetened corn cereal with berry bits didn’t make for the most memorable pancake blend. Even with colorful berry speckles in the course of, we found the buttermilk pancakes to be a little lackluster, with no longer an excessive amount of berry taste or sweetness. Plus, the shape become rather flat and flimsy.

The just-add-water pancake blend didn’t come with a frosting or cereal topping, but, including the Cap’n Crunch Ocean Blue Syrup (yep, blue syrup—bought one at a time) will upload a few critical eye enchantment and flavor to the stack. Finish them off with Berrytastic cereal for extra coloration and crunch.

4. Dunkaroos Complete Pancake Kit

Sure, Dunkaroos commenced as a scrumptious cookie-and-frosting snack, but they have got in view that advanced into a cereal and now cereal pancakes! And we’re so glad they did. While the apparent pancakes tasted like a very simple box blend, the decadent sprinkle frosting delivered within the complete Dunkaroos flavor (which isn’t always a large wonder because the frosting is the maximum iconic a part of the snack)

    Between the sweet batter and the sweet frosting, this stuff were, properly, sweet. The frosting is just as thick as cake frosting, so it’s no longer easily squeezed out of the bundle, but may be effortlessly unfold over pinnacle. Garnished with nonpareils, these colourful confetti pancakes felt simply as a laugh as consuming vanilla cupcakes for breakfast.

    3. Lucky Charms Pancake Kit

    Somehow, Betty Crocker captured that deeply nostalgic flavor of the marshmallow charms in pancake shape, and we are all approximately it. The stack turned into amazing fluffy and the crunch of colourful charms on top took us proper returned to early life

    2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancake Kit

    As it turns out, the fan-favored cereal is delicious in pancake shape too, handing over critically staggering taste and peak. These desserts were more heat and comforting with a cinnamon-sugar “Cinnadust” flavor swirled at some point of. Of direction, the spotlight became the crunchy cereal on top, including the irresistibly crisp texture you like from a bowl of CTC.

      The package failed to come with any frosting, however including maple syrup or whipped cream on pinnacle would make these pancakes more decadent. We also might’ve cherished some cinnamon chips interior for an additional pop of flavor and texture, but in the long run, this breakfast didn’t disappoint.

      1. Fruity Pebbles Epic Pancake Kit

      We’ve gotta say, we by no means expected the Fruity Pebbles option to secure the pinnacle spot, but, those amusing-crammed pancakes were some distance and away the champions. This mix from Mrs. Buttersworth lived up to its “Epic” name with unbeatable taste and fluff.

        The flecks of cereal created a confetti-cake look and added pops of fruit taste with out feeling overly fruit-forward. Drizzled with a candy buttercream frosting and sprinkled with crispy cereal (each included), these colourful desserts might beat out a regular ol’ pancake blend any day. In truth, we cannot imagine a better birthday breakfast.

        All-in-all, the maximum interesting addition to all of these pancakes turned into the cereal on pinnacle, so in case you do not want to strive out a whole new blend, I’d propose whipping up your favorite blend and topping the stack with syrup and a generous sprinkle of cereal.